Application for new tree and fruit production licensee’s

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Terms Of Delivery:

The delivered/supplied trees of the variety 159  may only be used by the purchaser for the production of organic fruit/apples in orchards and/or the facilities that belong to the company of the purchaser. The organic produced fruit (apples) may only be sold/traded by the purchaser with the use of the variety name SQ 159. The additional use of the brand name ‘NATYRA’ is only permitted for the marketing of harvested fruit that have been proven to be organically produced and has been certified in accordance to the guidelines of the EU 834/2007 organic production regulations or if this is not present, according to equivalent regulations that have been drawn by the authorities of the concerning country in which the production takes place. At the request of the holder of the relevant Plant Breeders Right / US Plant Patent or its authorised representative the purchaser is obligated to provide access to his orchards and/or facilities that are used for the production of fruit of the variety. Such an inspection includes also insight to all relevant documents related to the production and trading of fruit with in particular also meant the organic production certificates that have been issued by the appointed authority for this purpose. The purchaser declares and accepts in written beforehand that the supplied trees only will be planted and applied for the organic fruit/apple production. The trading of IP (non-organic) produced fruit/apples with the use of the delivered trees is not allowed unless the purchaser has receive explicitly the written permission from the holder of the relevant plant variety rights / US plant patent or its representative(s), for such non-organic production and trading beforehand. In such a permission, the use of the brand name Natyra® shall never be permitted still.



SQ159 Natyra® tree nurseries:


Invoicing of SQ159 Natyra® trees can only be done by Treequattro BV:

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